TEDxWomen 2013

Mission 2013

The theme of TEDWomen International this year is “Invented Here,” shining the spotlight on how women are creatively imagining their lives, their work, their self-expression and their impact – ranging from the personal to the global. Here’s a quote from TEDWomen which encapsulates the spirit and meaning of this year’s theme:

Women are so often the creative powerhouses driving progress, and the active force crystalizing change in communities worldwide. From small, local solutions to global movement, the power of women’s invention is visible in every region, in every field.

Along these lines, our intention is to create a program that not only highlights extraordinary ideas, lives and approaches, but elevates all women by celebrating their multifaceted strengths and gifts. Combining an inspiring program with an environment crafted to nourish the mind, heart and senses, we hope to call for th the vital, creative power of all our participants. The day will be padded with ample time for conversation, musing, integration and laughter. And you will leave with a greater sense of the enormous possibility within and around you, as well as heightened motivation to tap into it.

2013 Playlist


TRACY MACMILLAN: TV Writer, Relationship Author

WIEBKE LIU: Consultant, Strategist, Entrepreneur

BARBARA BESTOR: Principal Bestor Architecture, Teacher

LILI HAYDN: Musician, Violin Pioneer

MAYDA DEL VALLE: Spoken Word Poet

JONATHAN MOONEY: Author, Education Pioneer, Speaker

JUSTINE MUSK: Author, Speaker

CAITLIN NOTEY: Founder, Lead Singer Huxlee

MARTA CUNNINGHAM: Documentary Filmmaker, Social Activist


ALISON MORGAN: Political Activist & Social Justice Advocate


TIA MATZA: Performance Artist, Actor, Director

CYNTHIA LOY DARST: Coach, Teacher, Speaker